Thodoris Itsios
My name is Thodoris Itsios and I'm a passionate cloud engineer and developer. In this page you are going to find information about me along with some -mainly- open-source projects that I've built.
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Sometimes, projects are created in order to cover personal needs or maybe test new things or for personal development in general. Instead of just keeping them hidden in the closet, it's good from time to time to share them with others, just in case they can bring some inspiration or, even better, act as a boilerplate for their own projects.
The list below showcases a couple of projects, either open-source or not, that I've built.
Slenti - Sentiment Analysis on Slack
Slenti is a ready-to-be-deployed open-source solution for performing sentiment analysis in your slack channels. It's not just another Slackbot. It's an event-driven solution running on AWS which means that sky is the limit in terms of seamless scalability.
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Javascript, Node.js, Serverless Framework, AWS, Lambda, Athena, S3, SQS, Localstack, CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Slack, Open Source
WaiterBell - The ticketing system in real world
WaiterBell is an application that helps your customers call the employees of your business easily without having to stand up, shout or move their hands in an abnormal way. Customers are not referees!
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PHP, Laravel, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, Firebase, Push notifications, Open Source
Malce - Mobile Loyalty Platform
Malce was a white-label mobile loyalty platform for businesses. It consisted of 5 applications:
- The web application through which the root account could manage all the settings and services such as the employees, the customers, the coupons for redeeming points, the services for redeeming points, etc.
- The cross-platform mobile application for the customers (Android & iOS) where the customer could sign-up, redeem coupons and collect points, check their points balance, the services and the coupons that the business provides along with their history of transactions etc.
- The cross-platform mobile application for the employees through which the employees could interact with the
- The kiosk cross-platform mobile application (mainly for tablets) through which the users with no access to smartphones were able to get informed about their account by entering their account ID and their email address.
- The desktop driver application which was responsible for sending the data from the web application or the employees' mobile application to a physical thermal printer that supported the ESC/POS command set. It was running on the `cztomczak/phpdesktop` open-source project.
PHP, CodeIgniter, ESC/POS, PHP Desktop, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Apache Cordova
Audiar - Be the king of your own audio world!
Audiar lets you upload, organize and listen to your audio files easily, using an audio-centric user interface. Upload your audio files and organize them in categories. Create playlists and listen to your favourite music. Be the king of your own audio world!
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PHP, Laravel, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript
Vibe Social Club - Share your vibe!
The Vibe Social Club is a web application that allows you to record your vibe and share it with your loved ones so they can feel it using their smart devices that can vibrate.
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Javascript, Vue.js, HTML, CSS
When I was in high school in 2014, I wanted to develop an application in order to bridge the gap between teachers and students. The application had 2 types of users, the teachers and the students and each of them used to have different functionalities available. After 1 year of hard work, I had the application ready. It was built using PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML and CSS. I was alone, so I had to do everything, from continuous development/maintenance and talking to businesses for collaborations (e.g.: Publishing houses in order to include free e-books) to marketing (Social Media, Facebook ads) in order to bring traffic. Generally speaking, I was doing whatever is needed in order to drive an app forward. For its development, I didn't use any frameworks, which is something that I don't regret even now, as I gained so much knowledge since I had to solve so many problems that the famous frameworks have already solved for us. The app after almost 4 years got terminated.
PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript
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thodoris [at] itsios [dot] euCopy
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Work experience
Cloud EngineeratRevolgy
November 2020 - Present
- Developing, operating and optimizing customers' infrastructure running on AWS and GCP.
- Operating and optimizing Kubernetes clusters.
- Automating stuff mainly by developing serverless and event-driven solutions which run mainly on AWS. Some of the services that are being used are: API Gateway, Lambda functions - Javascript/Node.js, Step Functions, DynamoDB, S3.
- IaC: Terraform, Serverless framework, CloudFormation
Full Stack Web DeveloperatWeb357
June 2018 - October 2020
- Developing custom web applications using PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Vue.js, Node.js, MySQL and many other technologies, based on each use case.
- Developing custom plugins and components for Wordpress and Joomla along with websites and eshops based on these CMSes.
Full Stack Web Developer
January 1, 1970 - January 19, 2038
Developing open-source tools, custom web applications, cross-platform mobiles apps, websites and eshops. Some of the technologies that I've developed projects with are PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Javascript, Vue.js, Node.js, SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, Wordpress, Joomla and many of these projects are running on different providers such as AWS.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate
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AWS Certified Developer - Associate
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GCP Cloud Engineer - Associate
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CKAD: Certified Kubernetes Application Developer
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HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate
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thodoris [at] itsios [dot] euCopy
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